Our Advice to New Owners

If you are new to racehorse ownership (and even if you are not!) our advice is to give yourself as much of a chance to taste some success by spreading your available funds across a small portfolio of horses. We have found that, rather than buy a leg or 50% of a horse, our members, whom we encourage instead to take 5% or 10% in five horses, have enjoyed the whole experience more. This is for a number of reasons.

First, and most obviously, it increases the chance of having involvement in a good horse (it’s helped, of course, by the fact that to date, we’ve produced a decent horse every year). Second, the ownership base across our stable is consistent – the same people pop up as owners in most of our horses. This creates a ‘small syndicate’ or ‘club’ feel and a great atmosphere amongst our owners. Third, there is plenty more action going on and invariably the chance to attend a meeting or stable visit near you.

Unfortunately, we find too many people new to racehorse ownership, whether with large or modest budgets, jump in too quickly. A few disappointments and they can be lost to the sport forever. We are happy for new members to dip their toes in the water, and get to understand our approach and the sport more generally. No matter how many years you’ve been following from the outside, there will still be plenty to learn from the inside.

We will manage expectations (guess what, most horses lose!) without diminishing the joy, anticipation and optimism that comes from being part of a syndicate aiming to produce Group class horses.

Quantum Leap Racing


Quantum Leap Racing buys yearlings with middle-distance pedigrees, often identifying pedigrees deemed unfashionable or overlooked by the market. We are producing a series of blogs to outline the rationale behind our approach and illustrating why we believe it is the correct approach both for us and the wider bloodstock industry. As above, we will be providing plenty of examples to support our views.


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