Before you can experience the thrill of owning a winner at the big meetings, you need to find the right horse.

In the same way you wouldn’t buy a house without first doing your due diligence, a lot of research goes into the purchasing of our yearlings to provide us with the best chance of securing a future star.

Here at Quantum Leap Racing, our goal is to be competing in, and winning the top level middle-distance races. This provides a key focus for our search and allows us to identify the horses in the sales catalogues that best suit our goals.

Thoroughbred auction houses release their sales catalogues a few weeks prior to the sale commencement date and it is here we begin our research. We begin by analysing the entrants from each vendor based on their pedigrees. Jeremy Brummitt, who purchases our horses, has inspected thousands of horses each year for the past twenty years giving him an understanding of different bloodlines and their physical conformation – he often knows what a horse will look like before it comes out of it’s stable at the sales!

Jeremy will inspect every horse that is catalogued for sale in Europe each year. Although we could likely cross up to 50% of the offerings before even seeing the yearlings, inspecting them physically completes the picture and allows us to continually build our depth of knowledge of bloodlines. In addition to this, there may be something about the physical makeup of a yearling that indicates to us that it would excel in an area different to that which its pedigree suggests.

Physical inspections are critical to ensure that the pedigree of the yearling matches up well with the physical attributes of the yearling. We want to see they have a good conformation, meaning they are put together in the way you expect a potential athlete should be. We are looking for a yearling with nice proportions (balance), natural muscle definition, a deep girth, correct knee, hip and leg structure and that they have an athleticism to their walk.

In addition to their physical makeup, inspecting at the sales is a good opportunity to assess the temperament of the yearlings. The sales process is a thorough test of a young horse’s temperament due to the number of parades the yearlings do for potential purchasers, as well as the hustle and bustle of the sales complex. We believe a good temperament is equally as important as the athletic ability of a racehorse. A horse could have all the ability in the world, but if we are unable to harness that in the right way it will not translate to racecourse success.

Once we have inspected all of the horses once, we create a shortlist of potential purchases that we feel are worth inspecting for a second time to make sure we haven’t missed anything. This list is then narrowed down to those we have vetted. This process involves our experienced veterinarian doing a physical examination of the yearling and assessing X-Rays of their limbs to ensure there are no structural issues that may negatively impact its potential as a racehorse. We place great importance on our racehorses being durable and having longevity in their careers.

If a horse has made it all the way through our first and second inspections, and passed the veterinary assessment, we will set a budget and prepare to bid on the horse when it enters the sales ring. We only purchase horses which we perceive to represent good value and do not get sucked into excessive bidding wars. The bidding process is every bit as exciting as a race and prospective/current owners are more than welcome to join us at the sales to see the whole process first-hand. Some of our owners have even taken the ‘hot seat’ and been responsible for the bidding on prospective purchases – an unforgettable experience!

If (and when) we are fortunate enough to be the winning bidder, payment and insurances are sorted with the sales company and the yearling is transported to our pre-trainer to begin their career as a Quantum Leap Racing racehorse.