Too Bossy For Us

Our well-named Golden Horn two year old continues to progress well at Kevin Philippart de Foy’s Newmarket stables. The colt is now stabled in Kevin’s historic Egerton Stables, of which more below.

The facilities here are excellent for the development of young horses. It’s a bit away from the hurly burly of the other side of town and benefits from its own wood-chip gallop, less of an incline than Newmarket’s other gallops, but a kind surface for the youngsters. He goes to Cambridge Road, the other side of the July Course, twice a week. He canters five furlongs and pulls up where it bends left to run alongside the road. This means he isn’t regularly working away from home, which can be onerous for a young horse.

You’ll see from the videos that the colt is moving well. He’s also worked upsides other horses a few times, when he picks up the bit displaying a racing instinct!

Finally, have a look at the roll of honour for past residents of Egerton House. How many do you remember?